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Fnatic completes the lower bracket gauntlet, bound to meet Sentinels in grand finals

Fnatic had their single best day in VALORANT yet, defeating both Team Liquid and NUTURN to advance to the Masters Reykjavik grand finals.

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Fnatic have had a long road to the grand finals. As the second seed from the EMEA region, Fnatic had to get through a play-in series before meeting Sentinels early in the bracket. Despite an early 2-0 loss against the NA favorites, Fnatic thrived in the lower bracket, defeating X10, Version1, Team Liquid, and NUTURN before earning their spot in the finals.

In the Challengers Finals rematch, Fnatic won 2-0 over their domestic rivals, Team Liquid. Though Team Liquid managed to shutdown Fnatic’s primary Jett Operator, Derke, Magnum stepped up to take control of the series. Ending the series with 40 kills, 147 ADR between both games, and an impressive 250 ACS, his contributions on Skye and Cypher largely allowed Fnatic to win 13-10 on both maps.

Though Team Liquid took the regional finals, Fnatic denied them a spot in the lower bracket finals and ended their Masters Reykjavik hopes. NUTURN, the Korean underdogs who only suffered a loss to Sentinels prior to this, were the only obstacle in Fnatic’s way.

NUTURN offered a slightly more competitive series, though ultimately fell to Fnatic 2-1. Star player for NUTURN, Lakia, put up a fight by finding 55 kills and playing a massive role in NUTURN’s Ascent map win. Derke however was finally unlocked and dropped 60 frags in favor of Fnatic, finding 65% of entry frags and a 293 ACS.

Moving on to face Sentinels in the grand finals, Masters Reykjavik will finish with an EU vs NA finals. This rematch will determine the first international VALORANT champion.

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Image Credit: Riot Games (Colin Young-Wolff)