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Fnatic and Version1 impress in Masters Reykjavik day one, to face Sentinels and Team Liquid

Fnatic and Version1 impress on day one of Masters Reykjavik while NUTURN scrapes by.

VALORANT’s first International LAN started in the upper bracket play-ins to decide who would meet early favorites Team Liquid and Sentinels. Starting with Fnatic vs KRU, the EMEA second seed saw a commanding 2-0 in their favor. Only faltering in pistol rounds, Fnatic’s incredible international debut showed the sheer depth of the EMEA region.

Derke specifically had a high-reel performance on Jett, securing 40 kills over the 2 game series and averaging 203 ADR. Though Team Liquid has entered the conversation generally as a contender for the title, Fnatic showed that are just as worthy.

Version1 survive a scare against Crazy Raccoon

Version1 unfortunately could not enter Masters Reykjavik at full strength considering one of their primary duelists, Wippie, was denied entry due to visa complications. In his place it seems Zellsis has taken up the secondary duelist mantle instead of his replacement, Jammyz. In their first game against the Japanese representatives Crazy Raccoon, this strategy seemed to pay off.

The duo of Zellsis and Penny stepped up, Penny finding 45 kills with a 63% ESR off 10 First Bloods. Crazy Raccoon did not drop without a fight as both games were won by V1 on a knife’s edge. Former Overwatch star, Munchkin, put up a respectable performance on Raze despite the finishing result. Now, Version1 have the tall task of taking on Team Liquid tomorrow.


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