July 2, 2020

Flashpoint and CSPPA in dispute over $165.000 payment

‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’ tournament series Flashpoint is currently in a dispute with the CSPPA, or the Counter-Strike Professional Players Association, over a payment of 165.000 dollars for the use of intellectual property and images of players.

In a report by DBLTAP, Flashpoint sent the CSPPA a letter in which they state they are withholding payment. Flashpoint listed a number of complaints about the CSPPA and refuses to pay the amount until the issues are addressed. Among the complaints is the claim that Flashpoint and the players lost money, due to CSPPA not responding to requested paperwork in regards to a possible sponsor (in this case, monitors).

Other complaints include CSPPA not being open to discussion about fining procedures, their inability to create a new competitive ranking system, conflict of interest due to CSPPA core leadership also being involved as player agents and the lack of transparency within CSPPA. According to Flashpoint these complaints mean that CSPPA breached the agreement between the two parties.

The Danish legal counsel of the CSPPA took to Twitter and released a statement regarding the situation, confirming that Flashpoint is withholding payment while denying the allegations. “I further confirm the the baseless allegations made by Flashpoint against CSPPA are completely unrelated to and in no way relieves Flashpoint from its obligation to make the agreed payment when due.” Flashpoint is yet to comment on the statement made by the CSPPA.

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Picture credit: Flashpoint
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