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Five players suspended by ESEA following leaked recording that proves match-fixing

Only days after a transcript was released into the world implicating three Rebirth players, alongside two others, were actively engaging in planning to throw two matches in ESEA’s MDL Season 35.

In the transcript, two more players are named to “being ok with it”, and “agreeing to radar”.

Carson “nosraC” O’Reilly and Sebastian “retchy” Tropiano are currently playing for ChocoCheck and were handed suspensions together with their former teammate Kevin “4pack “ Przypasniak, who isn’t currently competing.

Joining them in exile are two former Russian Canadians players, now playing for OCG. These are the players who, according to the transcript, were in on the match-fixing. David “J0LZ” Jolin and Alex “vek” Voynov will join the three aforementioned in a Gambling Violation ban, that is currently set to expire on May 3.

Depending on the results of the ongoing investigation conducted by ESIC, these bans will most likely be upheld.

ESEA’s announcement is the first direct action taken by a tournament organizer in the ongoing investigation into match-fixing that plagued North America.

With ESEA Premier playoffs currently underway, the suspensions will certainly have an impact on the teams, who are both still in the race.

ChocoCheck does have enough backup players available, but OCG will have to count on ESEA to allow an exception to the rules, allowing them to bring in substitutes.

While the news on match-fixing is far from new, the topic has been on the forefront of the news outlets this past week. On Wednesday, ESIC commissioner Ian Smith announced that the FBI was now part of their ongoing investigation on a number of players who are believed to have been bribed by betting syndicates to fix matches.

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