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Finally alternatives to Ghost? – Season 5’s new Warzone Perks revealed!

More armor and more ways to detect opponents. Two new perks might shake up the meta in Warzone.

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Is the reign of the Ghost perk finally over? Activision has announced the details of two new perks coming in Season 5 which could shake up the meta.

Combat Scout and Tempered as new options

Season 5 of Warzone kicks off on August 12. In their detailed preview the developers showed off the two new perks: Combat Scout and Tempered. They will be exclusive to Warzone.

Combat Scout will provide you with additional intel as soon as you damage an enemy. He will be highlighted in bright orange and automatically pinged. This allows players to gather additional information and provide that to their teammates.


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Tempered on the other hand provides you with better armor. Players will only need two Armor Plates when using Tempered to be considered “fully armored”, one less than the standard three. Each Plate will absorb 75 damage instead of 50 but you will be limited to just two Armor Plates in exchange.

Raven Software hopes that the two new perks will help shake up the meta quite a bit. But they also said that these two perks are just one part of trying to balance the game.

Currently most players are running Ghost as it allows you to bypass detection from drones, Heart Beat Sensors and UAVs.

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Image Credits: Activision