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These teams will be competing in VCT Stage 3: Challengers One EU

The stage has been set, and the eight teams fighting for the top spots in the VCT Stage Three: Challengers One are ready.

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Starting on July 7th, these eight teams will be facing off in a double-elimination bracket. The top four finishing teams qualify for the EMEA Challengers Playoffs in August.

One particular difference between Challengers One and the closed qualifier is that the main event will play out completely, and not just stop when teams qualify for the EMEA playoffs.

Teams will be playing for the lion’s share of the €35,000 prize pool.

Acend is a team that has seen moderate success in the previous VCT stage, but ultimately missing out on the EMEA playoffs. They’re looking to go further with the addition of zeek, and with cNed on the roster, Acend is always a contender.

G2 Esports haven’t had much success when it comes to the VALORANT Champions Tour. With only Mixwell remaining of the original roster that was once heralded as the premier team in Europe, G2 is looking to dominate Europe once again.

Team Liquid, one of the two EU representatives during Stage Two, is looking to confirm they belong at the top.

Guild Esports is another team that’s always “up there” and has been close to going all the way.

Team BDS, the newest LEC organization, signed the French roster of Opportunists after that lineup qualified for two of the Stage Two Challengers finals.

Fnatic, Masters Two grand finalists, had some early scares in the qualifying process but had ultimately no big issues qualifying for Challengers One. Their roster is still intact, and is looking to repeat.

Rix.GG Thunder’s roster wasn’t finalized until less than a month ago. During the first two stages, they were unable to qualify, but their opponents were top of the line.

FunplusPhoenix is arguably one of the most dangerous and consistent teams in Europe, and it’s not surprise we find them in a final stage once again.

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