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FIFA player disguises himself as older man to get COVID vaccine, faces charges for forgery

As vaccinations for COVID are starting up all over the world, not everyone wants to wait their turn.

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In an interesting story from the South American FIFA community, a reported EA employee in the form of Christian Nieva and top FIFA Player Rubén Zerecero tried to get vaccinated in Mexico City by using fake IDs and disguising themselves to look older. They tried to circumvent security at the vaccination site by pretending to be older family members and using forged documents. The story was first reported by reporter Carlos Jiménez.

According to those reports, the pair had disguised themselves by using face masks, sunglasses and thick clothing. They were eventually caught out by the security personnel at the vaccine site, who asked for their identification, which turned out to be forged with the pair even altering their dates of birth on their birth certificate. According to those documents, Zerecero and Nieva were 62 and 64 years old.

Both Zerecero and Nieva were arrested and detained with them now facing multiple charges, including forgery and identity theft. In the end it turned out both of the men were unable to acquire their vaccinations.

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Image credit: EA / FIFA