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FIFA 22 – What are the differences between FUT Hero and Icon Cards?

The brandnew FUT Heroes appear very similar to the legendary icon cards in FIFA Ultimate Team. But there are a few key differences between them.

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Strong cards from fromer top players – on first glance that sounds identical to the well-known Icon cards in FIFA Ultimate Team. But the FUT Hero Cards that will debut in FIFA 22 have a couple of key differences and are more similar to the Moments Cards.

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The one important difference between Heroes and Icons is the ease of getting chemistry bonuses. An Icon card can always create a positive link regardless of nationality or club. FUT Hero Cards can only link up with same nationalities or leagues instead. It is much easier for Icons to grab a green link as they only need to have the correct nationality.

Here is an easy graphic to showcase the difference from Twitter user HelmarDesigns:

Strong options for leagues

While the Hero Cards cannot link as easily as Icons can for your FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, they are still a strong option, especially for the bigger European leagues like the Premier League. FUT Hero Cards are still significantly easier to utilize as they link up much more easy than “normal” Cards which require same club or same nationality in the same league.

Hero Cards will be a good option to keep the green Chemistry rating for your FUT team in FIFA 22.

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