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FIFA 22 Pre-Order – How to get a headstart and save money

You want to get FIFA 22 cheap and start playing earlier? Here is what you need to know.

FIFA is dead, long live FIFA. The current FIFA is nearing the end of its lifecycle and many players are starting to look forward to FIFA 22. On July 22 the wait might finally end.

FIFA 22 news during EA Play Live?

On their own website EA Sports is already advertising for their “EA Play Live”-show. It is not yet clear if FIFA 22 will also be part of the lineup of games introduced then. As of now there are only few details known for the upcoming FIFA game.

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FIFA 22 pre-order

As is the case every year, EA Sports will offer fans the chance to pre-order the game. Assuming EA will not change the release details and editions of FIFA 22 we can assume the following versions:

  • Standard Edition for $59.99
  • Champions Edition for $79.99
  • Ultimate Edition for $99.99

However you can save quite a bit of money if you pre-order it properly.

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How to get a 20% discount

EA Sports offers players two ways to purchase their games at a reduced price. If you are subscribed to EA Play, you can save 10% on your pre-order while also accessing the game earlier than others. The discount is also active for in-game purchases such as FIFA points.

PlayStation Store – 1 Monat subscription for EA Play

In the FIFA 21 main menu you can immediately go to the store area. Once there you navigate to the lower left offering a “10% FIFA Points discount”.

FIFA 21 – Menu

Once pre-orders begin during summer you will get the chance to purchase FIFA 22 from here. This 10% discount can be combined with EA Play’s benefits for a 20% reduction in total.

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