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FIFA 21 Pre-Season kicks off with special rewards for FUT 22

If you are currently still playing FIFA 21 Ultimate Team you must have noticed a timer counting down for the FUT 22 Pre-Season. Here is what you need to know about the Pre-Season.

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The FUT Pre-Season event allows players to earn rewards for FIFA 22 by playing FIFA 21 at the end of the game’s lifecycle.

Which rewards can be earned?

The rewards are not yet known for the event. But considering previous iterations of the event we can most likely look forward to coin boosts, kits and chemistries to get a small headstart into the new season.

Rewards from last year:

  • x2 Coin boosts (5 games x 500 coins)
  • FUT Icon Home Kit
  • FUT Future Stars Kit
  • Anchor Chemistry Style
  • Engine Chemistry Style

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Header Image: EA Sports