August 9, 2020

FIFA 21 – EA Sports stated: “there is no scripting”

Momentum, scripting or handicap: automatic game adjustments in FIFA are an urban myth. Now EA Sports adressed that issue.

“As mentioned before, there is no ‘scripting’, ‘handicap’, ‘momentum’, and/or ‘DDA’ in the game.”

That’s the anwer from EA Sports’ communication twitter account to a fan question regarding the removal of any automatic game adjustments.

The fan was asking about the urban myth, that FIFA supports strong comebacks when one player has a huge advantage or takes the lead. Some FIFA fans believe these mechanics are in the game for years.

EA Sports always denied such “scripts” or adjustments and now stated, that FIFA 21 won’t feature these mechanics either. Besides one exception: “As explained in the past, the only time our game adjusts the difficulty of the CPU AI (offline only) is during the introductory boot-up match that tries to determine which offline difficulty level is best suited for you”

These statements won’t end the discussions. On twitter and reddit people talked about the topic and won’t believe EA Sports. If “scripting” is still a thing in FIFA 21 fans at octobre 9.

FIFA 21 will be available for the current console generation besides PC. Owners of PlayStation 4 or Xbox One don’t need to rush for the upcoming PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X.

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Image Credit: EA Sports

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