Fear to take a break from competitive Dota 2
September 8, 2020

Fear to take a break from competitive Dota 2

One of North America’s most renowned Dota 2 player Clinton “Fear” Loomis will be stepping away from the competitive scene for a while. Three of the five of the former Business Associates will continue under the name Team Zero.

The writing was on the wall as three out of five from the Business Associates roster were playing under the moniker Team Zero during BeyondTheSummit Pro Series Season 3 NA with no sign of Fear playing.

Fear then clarified the situation on Twitter with a short statement:

The new Team Zero is spearheaded by former Business Associates stand-in Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao and will compete with the following roster:

  1. Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao
  2. Eric “Ryoya” Dong
  3. Braxton “Brax” Paulson
  4. Jingjun “Sneyking” Wu
  5. Sivatheeban “1437” Sivanathapillai

It is unclear where the other member of the Business Associates, David Moo Hull, is headed. This seems to mark the end of the Business Associates stack that formed out of J.Storm, when the organisation closed down their North American operations in March.

Fear has not stated how long his break from the competitive scene will last. He only said that his break will probably last until the start of the next Dota Pro Circuit next year.

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Image Credit: Igor Bezborodov/StarLadder
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