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FaZe.Simp’s three tips for Hardpoint

Frustrated with Hardpoint and fed up? Use these three tips by Call of Duty legend Simp to get an edge over your opponents!

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On August 1st the Call of Duty League will head into its fifth Major. We got the chance to sit down with Atlanta FaZe’s Simp prior and talked about his road to becoming a pro and his tips tricks for the game modes used in the CDL. Here are his three tips for Hardpoint.

1. Rotate early

As the contested Hardpoints switch every 60 seconds and are usually difficult to take, it is advisable to move towards the next even before the old one expires. This allows you to secure better spawns for your team and can quickly compensate the lost time on the old Hardpoint with a quickly secured new one.

Video – Interview Highlights with FaZe.Simp:


2. Don’t play alone against the entire enemy team after rotating

Linked directly to the first tip, the second one is just as important. Rotating early is only worth it if you can actually take the Hardpoint. Since a new Hardpoint is heavily contested you should always wait for backup before heading into potentially the entire enemy team. Go to a safe spot on the map so that your allies can link up with you or spawn near you before pushing into the Hardpoint as a team.

The first clash at a new Hardpoint is usually the most important one and gives you the longest amount of time on the point. Especially as the losers of the fight will spawn further away, making it even easier to defend afterwards.

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3. Push as a team

When the opposition is holding a Hardpoint do not just smash your head against the brick wall of their defense. Uncoordinated attacks only work against bad teams. If you die, you should wait for your entire team and then push in together. Utilize all the equipment you have to build up pressure and attack from multiple angles. That gives a much higher chance of success as your opponents will be disoriented and have to keep an eye on their flanks as well.

Make sure that you have a good variety of grenades and utility across the team. Also try to take out opposing Trophy systems with your weapons before pushing. Many players do not really think about their placements and you can easily take those down in many cases.

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Image Credits: Activision