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FaZe Clan featured on Sports Illustrated cover

Members of FaZe Clan were featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated in their latest issue, putting the focus on gaming and the content creation surrounding it.

While gaming may have hit the mainstream for quite a while now, as Ninja and Fortnite had been making headlines way back in 2017, FaZe Clan making it to the cover of a magazine like Sports Illustrated really underlines that fact. The cover features popular content creators such as NICKMERCS flanked by Bronny James, the son of NBA player LeBron James, and NFL quarterback Kyler Cole Murray.

The article accompanying the cover talks mostly about how FaZe Clan and its members made a name for themselves within the industry by focusing a lot on streaming and content creation, which has been a big part of the DNA of the organization. It also showcases how gaming, and streaming and content creation alongside it, has transitioned within FaZe Clan, mostly away from the more hardcore esports scene into content creation.

Most of the focus is put on the personalities and content creation team of FaZe Clan, with little mention of FaZe Clan’s esports teams outside of CDL team Atlanta FaZe, once again showing how FaZe Clan has evolved beyond the esports atmosphere and has become a modern and mainstream gaming giant.

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Image Credit: Sports Illustrated
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