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Cheater Cheating Epic Fall Guys

Fall Guys to introduce Epic’s Anti-Cheat

Ever since it exploded in popularity Fall Guys has had to struggle with a steady influx of cheaters. Developer Mediatonic has now decided to implement Epic’s Anti-Cheat system to remove the cheater infestation.

In a lengthy Twitter thread on September 14 developer Mediatonic shared some of their recent actions taken to combat the onslaught of cheaters.

The Rise and Fall of Cheater Island

One of their ways to combat the cheaters was the implementation of “Cheater Island”. Although other players were unable to report the blatant cheaters flying or speedhacking their way through stages, Mediatonic’s own cheat detection continuously and silently flagged cheaters.

After making sure that they would not accidentally catch innocent players with its system Mediatonic then proceeded to the second phase of their plan. Creating a dedicated “Cheater Queue” for the accounts previously flagged as guilty.

While it took a while for enough cheaters to populate the queue, eventually Mediatonic’s system flagged enough dishonest players that games on “Cheater Island” would happen. Afterwards it did not take too long for clips with massive amounts of cheaters to show up:

While the clips themselves were quite hilarious Mediatonic got worried that the clips were not from the isolated Cheater Queue. To alleviate potential cheaters slipping past them, Mediatonic decided to shut down “Cheater Island” and instead ban cheaters from logging in. This should work until Mediatonic implements the aforementioned Anti-Cheat System from Epic in the next patch.

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Image Credit: Mediatonic