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LCS: Evil Geniuses secure win over 100 Thieves and contend for second place

Evil Geniuses start off their weak with a comeback win against 100 Thieves, showing their midgame strength

Ry0ma’s first game back on the main LCS stage for 100 Thieves did not go to plans, as ultimately Evil Geniuses came away with the win.

100 Thieves’ first mistake came in the draft by prioritizing Skarner as their first pick. Usually, this pick elicits the “Skarner tax” by forcing opponents to buy Quicksilver Sashs in order to avoid becoming an easy pick target. Being first picked however gave Evil Geniuses the opportunity to counter-pick and make Skarner a non-factor. 

100 Thieves’ Rolling Start

The early game looked promising for 100 Thieves as the solo laners particularly were out trading and accruing small CS leaders. Ssumday specifically punished Impact in the early game despite the initially losing match-up, taking advantage of Impact’s overaggression when switching back to mini-Gnar form.

Closer was able to mitigate the early CS deficit by facilitating kills in both top and midlanes as well as securing the first rift herald. This lead was slowly cut down however as EG began coming out on top in mid-game skirmishes and stole away dragons. 

EG Turn the tide

Closer’s poor target selection impaled the tankiest member of EG and allowed Ignar to land a stun on 100 Thieves’ backline. Jizuke and Deftly’s collapsed allowed EG to extend the chase into a tide turning ace. Taking the infernal dragon soul and Elder Drake, EG accelerated their win conditions and easily broke into 100 Thieves’ base.

In their last defense, 100 Thieves once again preempted the fight with a poor Skarner engage, as Jizuke’s infamous Ekko was able to immediately reset after the impale. The attention shift allowed Impact to find a kill onto FBI was put the final nail in the coffin for 100 Thieves.

Starting off their week with a win, EG have pushed themselves into contention for 2nd place while 100 Thieves’ loss streak has extended to another game.

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Image Credit: Riot Games (Oshin Villa Tudayan)