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Evil Geniuses release Deftly, promote Danny to LCS roster

Evil Geniuses have announced a plethora of roster changes across their three active LoL rosters.

In a recent Twitter post regarding their Summer Split roster, Evil Geniuses announces several changes. Chief among these roster shifts is the departure of Matthew “Deftly” Chen. Formerly of Cloud9 Academy and Golden Guardians, Deftly found his first starting position on EG since 2018. Deftly showed great individual performances in the LCS Lock-In, however EG ultimately finished 5th-6th the Spring playoffs.

Kyle “Danny” Sakamaki will be promoted as an LCS starter after a successful run with the organization’s Prodigies roster. Formerly known as “Shiro”, Danny played an essential role the success Prodigies saw in Challengers Uprising and LCS Proving Grounds. This will be Danny’s first starting position on an LCS roster.

Evil Geniuses coach, Peter Dun, stated “ is a player that’s impressed a lot of the veterans we have” in their announcement video. Evil Geniuses have seen incredible infrastructural success among their three active rosters.

Also noted in EG’s roster changes, Richard “Mist” Zi-Lan, Prodigies support, has also been released. Quentin “Shoryu” Pereira will be moved to the Prodigies roster in a growing attempt to secure an all in-person academy roster. Luke “TeamLuke” Wasikowski has been signed as EGP’s new support. EG’s amateur roster will now see an entirely new botlane duo.

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Image Credit: Evil Geniuses