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Evil Geniuses and Gambit advance, Astralis eliminated from IEM Summer 2021

Day two of IEM Sumer 2021 saw contention for the knockout stage slim while former favorites such as Astralis fell out.

With several tournament favorites already in the lower bracket, day two of IEM Summer 2021 featured some shocking results. Knocked into the lower bracket early, Ninjas in Pyjamas redeemed themselves with a Bo3 win over Fnatic. NIP took a commanding lead in their map pick of Ancient (16-10), Fredrik “REZ” Sterner having an excellent map. Fnatic fired back on Overpass (8-16), but REZ resurged in the series decider to eliminate Fnatic in this Swedish derby.

With a similar redemption story, Complexity found a 2-1 win over FunPlus Phoenix to stay in the tournament. Both teams have shown previously flashes of brilliance but found only middling results, but only Complexity will advance. A relatively new addition to the lineup, Pavle “Maden” Boskovic, gave his best efforts dropping 80 frags in the eventual loss. A collective effort by Complexity have continued their championship hopes another day.

In the final elimination match of the day, Gambit knocked out Astralis. The CIS squad showed an impressive 2-0 sweep of the Danish team, having a commanding presence in both maps. Generally, Astralis had poor showings across the board, only Emil “Magisk” Reif going positive in K/D across the series.

Staying alive for another day, Gambit will get the chance to advance with a victory of Complexity. One of the best and most consistent teams to come out of the online CS era, Gambit had a relatively rough start but seem to be regaining their form.

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Image Credit: Gambit Esports