June 18, 2020
League of Legends

EStar jungler Wei gets fined over wrong summoner spell

Jungler Yan “Wei” Yang-Wei will be fined a whole month’s salary for forgetting to take Smite in a competitive game, accidentally taking Ignite. Wei and his team eStar Esports took on Bilibili Gaming in the LPL.

When it became clear to Wei’s team during the match that he picked the wrong summoner spell, the referee declared that the game would still be played as is and that there would be no remake. Wei’s teammates were still very supportive and tried to perform their best in the game, but they would eventually lose the match to Bilibili Gaming.

Estar Esports wasn’t happy after the match and took to Twitter to release a statement regarding the situation, explaining why Wei will receive a fine. “In view of this situation, after discussion, the management will deduct the salary of Wei this month, and conduct team criticism to prevent such mistakes.” Estar Esports also warned their other players for similar situations in the future. “We will take this as a warning to prevent such elementary mistakes and actively prepare for the subsequent games.”

A lot of fans don’t agree with the fine that was given to Wei, as it seems the whole situation was just an honest mistake on the side of Wei. Estar Esports will be back in action tomorrow as they take on LNG Esports.

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Picture credit: Screenshot (LPL)
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