Esport Legends - Olofmeister
November 20, 2020

Esport Legends – olofmeister

Once among the most hated players in CS:GO, olofmeister has made the transition to one of the icons of the game. In his career olofmeister has made it through lows and highs and is worthy of being called a legend of CS:GO.

Two-time champion, forever engraved in the game but still boo’ed on stage. Few Counter-Strike players can claim to have had such a storied career as Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer Gustafsson.

Early beginnings in Sweden

Like many CS:GO professionals olofmeister’s career also has its roots in Counter-Strike 1.6. After an injury kept him from playing football 17-year old olofmeister dove into the world of Counter-Strike. Back in 2009 he was already a participant at DreamHack with his Team Aquintra.

His next station would be RAGE-Gaming, where he got to know Dennis “dennis” Edman. A player with whom he would team up time and again. As the scene transitioned to CS:GO olofmeister also cycled through numerous teams searching for a place to find success in.

LGB Esports was the team in which he found the first lasting success in. The Swedish roster qualified for the first CS:GO Major in 2013. Another player he met there was his later teammate on fnatic, Freddy “KRiMZ” Johansson. While LGB posted strong results, both players moved to Fnatic in 2014.

The Best Team of the World?

Back in 2014 Fnatic were one of the few teams that could stand up to Ninjas in Pyjamas’ reign over early CS:GO. Eternal rivals for the title “best Swedish team” they traded blows again and again. During his time in Fnatic he joined up with Robin “flusha” Rönnquist, Jesper “JW” Wecksell and Markus “pronax” Wallsten, who had won the first Major back in 2013. Just two months after olofmeister joined Fnatic, the team faced down Ninjas in Pyjamas during the third Major, ESL One Cologne 2014. While NiP took home the title and put a fitting capstone on their era, it marked the beginning of Fnatic’s rise.

During the course of the year the team buckled up and got better and better, winning championships at ESWC 2014 against LDLC and FaceIt League Season 2 against iBuyPower.

The Olofboost

But during DreamHack Winter 2014’s quarterfinals Fnatic seemed out of ideas against French side LDLC. After a loss on Dust 2 and a win on Cache the match would be decided on Overpass. LDLC got off to a fantastic start and led the map by 13-3.
It was at that moment that Fnatic brought out an insane boost in CT spawn, forever immortalised as “Olofboost”. From the new vantage point Fnatic could overlook almost the entire map without their opponent’s knowing what hit them. Placed on top of that spot olofmeister rained down death on LDLC with a scout and then even with an autosniper.

Fnatic won the map but in the ensuing controversy DreamHack decided that the last map would have to be replayed. Many pros and the majority of the community positioned themselves against Fnatic and in the end the Swedes forfeited the rematch and LDLC would go on to win the entire tournament.

That earned olofmeister the second in-game cameo on Overpass. Until this day a sign next to the old boost spot (which got patched out) reads “climbing over the railing is prohibited”. The first was introduced after olofmeister’s legendary defuse in the flames against Dignitas during ESL One Cologne 2014.

The Best Team in the World!

In the wake of DreamHack 2014 a massive amount of hatred formed against Fnatic, be it in forums or on social media. But Fnatic seemed unimpressed as the began their era on top of the CS:GO world. They won ESL One Katowice 2015 and followed that up with another win at ESL One Cologne 2015 to become the first back-to-back Major champions. During Katowice olofmeister was also chosen as Most Valuable Player and reached the pinnacle of his career until then.

In the beginning of 2016 Fnatic continued their dominance by winning IEM Katowice but they never quite reached the peak they had achieved in 2015 and olofmeister started looking for a new place to call home.

A fresh Start with FaZe

Joining the international roster of FaZe Clan, olofmeister once more set out to conquer the world rankings. With the assembly of an all-star team FaZe Clan’s roster set the imagination of their fans alight.

Mit dem internationalen Superteam von FaZe sollte es für olofmeister wieder an die Spitze der Rankigns gehen. Zumindest war das der Plan, als die Organisation 2017 ein Team aus den besten (und teuersten) Spielern zusammen stellte, die der Markt zu dem Zeitpunkt bieten konnte.

Reality however was not quite as much on their side. Although the all-star squad did well in the beginning, FaZe never quite lived up to the potential of their roster. Although they won several championship like EPICENTER 2018 their inconsistency prevented them from truly dominating the scene. Especially during the Majors FaZe Clan often had disappointingly early exits and never quite got as close as their second place in Boston.

In the spring of 2020 olofmeister decided to take a break from competitive play. In his statement the 28-year old cited exhaustion and lack of motivation as main reasons for his decision.

Currently olofmeister is back in the active roster of FaZe Clan after NiKo’s departure to G2 had the team scrambling for options and the old veteran decided to stand-in for his team again. With the ongoing rumours about FaZe Clan’s search for a fifth it most likely will remain a temporary position.
It is not yet clear if olofmeister will ever return full-time to CS:GO, but as one of only four players who have made it to each and every major we are still hopeful for his triumphant return.

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Image Credit: FaZe Clan
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