ESL and Twitch go Twitch-exclusive
April 29, 2020

ESL and Dreamhack go Twitch-Exclusive

Tournament organizers Dreamhack and ESL have signed a new exclusive contract with Twitch. Binding themselves for three years to the current streaming market leader.

Twitch gains exclusive digital rights through this deal as the entire ESL Pro Tour will only be streamed on Twitch starting 2021. Facebook and YouTube as competitors in the streaming market are therefore locked out of the events run by the MTG Group. Including stand-out tournaments like the ESL One Cologne or DreamHack Masters.
The period of exclusivity will last until 2022.

Extension of long-standing partnership

In the official press release DreamHack’s Co-CEO Roger Lodewick said: “Our cooperation with Twitch dates back to 2009 when it was still — this new collective media partnership is re-confirming our long-standing collaboration and highlights the importance and relevance Twitch has to our community, as well as the value the ESL/DreamHack esports content brings to the global Twitch audience.”

The extended cooperation is supposed to improve the quality of the streams. Going further it also entails better sponsorings to allocate more budget towards production.

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Pictures via Dreamhack
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