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ESIC sends potential match-fixing evidence to Valve in regards to Akuma matches

The ESIC, Esports Integrity Commission, has forwarded potential match-fixing evidence to Valve.

Evidence was found that the CEO of Project X (Oleksandr Shyshko), which is the former organization of three of the Akuma players, had placed multiple high bets on matches of Project X, when the players were still playing for his organization. Project X itself disbanded all the way back in March and has since disbanded. According to the ESIC Shyshko also accurately bet on Akuma in their match against Virtus.Pro in the most recent CIS RMR event, which was an upset win for Akuma. Multiple players and all other teams had already expressed their concerns about the match.

All the evidence the ESIC have found has been forwarded to Valve, while recommending tournament owners to not allow Akuma to partake until the investigation has reached its end. The ESIC and Ian Smith, their commissioner, released a statement on the matter. “Certainly, if ESIC did have jurisdiction, we would have opened a full investigation based on what we already know. ESIC has therefore referred the evidence available to us to Valve for future consideration.”

The matter of Akuma’s run in the RMR event has been talked about a lot, with the other participating teams even coming out and voicing their concerns in regards to fair play. They also criticized the tournament organizers for not enforcing elements that could prevent cheating.

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