January 11, 2021

Epic Games lowers Fortnite prize pools leading to community outrage

It’s tough being a Fortnite fan recently and it might be getting even harder to be a professional Fortnite player. Players have been complaining about the current meta for quite a while and now Epic Games announced that their competitive prize pools will be taking a dive going forward.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, competitive Fortnite has taken quite a hit as players have fewer tournaments and events to look forward to. Now Epic Games has been lowering the cash prizes for their tournaments, with the recent ‘Bragging Rights’ competition only featuring a shoutout. The Trio Cash Cup would only yield 700$ each for the winners, which is a significant decrease.

The competitive fortnite community hasn’t remained silent on the issue, with some professional players openly criticizing developer Epic Games for their approach. Among those Benjyfishy of NRG, who took to Twitter to vent his frustrations. “I miss daily cups, I miss actually just wanting to grind the game 24/7 because I genuinely enjoyed it and there was a good incentive to do it. With prize pools constantly getting less and less it’s gonna be even harder for unknown players to start making a living out of the game which will eventually make them want to stop playing. The competitive scene will slowly start dying out if it carries on.”

Epic Games themselves haven’t responded to the controversy yet. The current state of the game and prize pools do seem to be a far cry from what they were two years ago, with the Fortnite World Cup and the Fortnite Champion Series as historic high points.

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Image Credit: Epic Games
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