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ENVY players respond to CS:GO match-fixing allegations following their victory at Masters Berlin

The post-match press conference brought up a major controversy surround some Envy VALORANT players.

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Envy made history yesterday by handing Sentinels, their NA domestic rivals, their first playoff loss on international LAN. The most match-press conference however raised just as many eyebrows as the upset game that preceded it. One of Envy’s active players, Jimmy “Marved” Nguyen, has been involved in a long match-fixing investigation from his CS:GO days.

In his last few months as a CS:GO professional, Marved was involved in a match-fixing scandal. An investigation quickly began by both the Esports Integrity Commission and the FBI as the alleged actions were considered unlawful under the United States’ legal system. In the midst of this investigation, Marved and several other players involved in this scandal switched to VALORANT.

Notably, Marved’s transfer the FaZe Clan drew attention. Recently his contributions to Envy have brought the team to the finals in Masters Berlin. After their victory against Sentinels to take them to the semi-finals, this investigation was brought up again. Mikhail Klimentov, journalist for the Washington Post, asked if the team was concerned over the potential consequences of the investigation. The question was quickly dismissed by the team and met with a harsh reaction.

Players involved with the investigation, such as Abdo “c4Lypso” Agha, have been moved off of their starting rosters due to their involvement with the scandal. Potentially, Envy could be competing with a different roster for VCT Champions. The journalist has been faced with criticism since the release of the press conference video. Since then, Envy CEO, Mike “Hastr0” Rufail responded by stating that any players found guilty of such claims would “be removed from our team instantly.”

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