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Envy enters Chess scene, sign Alexandra and Andrea Botez

Envy is looking to expand when it comes to content creation, as they enter the chess scene by signing sisters and popular Chess Twitch streamers Alexandra and Andrea Botez. Both sisters have seen a big surge of new fans the past years as the popularity of (online) chess keeps growing.

Envy announced the news with a video that was posted to both YouTube and their social media platforms, which features both sisters. Alexandra Botez, who holds the title of Woman FIDE Master in chess, commented on the signing on her Twitter page. “It’s a HUGE moment in any streamer’s career to get signed by an organisation. Couldn’t be happier to be a part of Envy, a team that has gone above and beyond to welcome us into the family”

Chess on the rise

The fact that Envy looks towards two prominent figures within the Chess community isn’t surprising. In the past year more and more people got interested in chess, with big content creators playing in community-driven tournaments. The Netflix series “The Queen’s Gambit” also clearly contributed to the recent surge in popularity. Both Alexandra and Andrea Botez have become some of the most watched content creators in Chess.

Envy as an esports organization has its roots in Call of Duty and dates back all the way to 2007. Since then they’ve branched out to other esports titles such as Counter-Strike, Rocket League, Overwatch and more. Recently they’ve been looking towards content creation more and more, with the Botez sisters as a big signing.

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Image Credit: Envy Gaming