January 12, 2021

Envy decides to release current CS:GO roster

Esports organization Envy will no longer be working together with their current CS:GO lineup going forward. They announced that all their players will be open for transfer and that the players are free to enter negotiations with other teams.

In a statement released to their website, Envy talks about parting ways with the team. “Envy intends to make each member of the lineup available for transfer effective immediately, in the interest of allowing players and staff to pursue new opportunities. Envy, which has a long history in competitive Counter-Strike, plans to evaluate its future roster options and continue conversations to improve the Counter-Strike competitive scene with tournament organizers like B Site and CS:GO developer Valve.”

The decision comes at a weird time, as owner Mike “hastr0” Rufail announced back in november they’ve got a bigger budget allocated to their CS:GO team and that they have faith in their current roster.

In a recent tweet however, hastr0 says he’ll still be applying a decent budget to CS:GO but that they are letting the current team go. “We are still willing to apply a good budget to CS for the right opportunity in the future. No one would be happier than me if that comes in 2021. […] Let’s be honest, we haven’t performed the best in CS for a while after being former world champions with our great French rosters. It was time for a hard reset and we are performing at a top level in so many other games right now.”

It’s currently unclear what Envy’s plans are and if they are willing to pick up another roster. They still hold a spot in Flashpoint, which they entered back in May.

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Image Credit: DreamHack
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