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EA testing Crossplay for Battlefield 2042

The technical playtest in summer will also feature Crossplay for Battlefield 2042 in preparation for the launch on all platforms later.

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EA has confrimed in their briefing for Battlefield 2042 that they are currently working on a Crossplay function and will test it during their technical playtest in late summer.

During the test PC players will be grouped with Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 players. EA will pick a lucky few for the technical playtest and use their feedback to work on the new features and functions.

But fans should not count on leaks due to the test. According to EA these tests will focus on developer tools and not offer much information on the following beta or the final game. Crossplay will be implemented in two groups: PC, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will form one group, while Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will form the other. PC and console users will be able to disable Crossplay in their own settings.

More information is due to follow on July 22 when the next EA Play event takes place.
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Image Credits: EA, Microsoft, Sony