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EA Sports honors Kiyan Prince in FIFA 21

Usually EA removes deceased players from FIFA. This time around EA has decided to honor a youth player of the Queens Park Rangers on the anniversary of his death.

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On May 18th EA Sports announced an unusual update to FIFA 21. Queens Park Rangers got a surprise addition to its roster in the form of their former youth player Kiyan Prince.

Long Live The Prince

On the 15th anniversary of his death, the developer has implemented Kiyan Prince to the game.

Kiyan Prince in FIFA 21
Kiyan Prince in FIFA 21

Kiyan Prince was fatally stabbed on May 18, 2006 when he intervened to prevent the bullying of a boy.

Back then he was signed to the Queens Park Rangers and quickly marked out as a promising prospect for their youth team. Due to his speed and attacking prowess Prince earned himself the moniker “The Bullet”.

EA Sports honors Kiyan Prince in FIFA 21

Instead of being implemented as a youth player, EA decided to honor him in-game as a 30-year old in the prime of his career.

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Kiyan Prince as 30-year old player

To fully implement their vision of the youth star EA Sports combined his facial features with those of his father, when he was 30. The result is a very convincing mock-up for Prince’s look as 30-year old.

Kiyan Prince's portraits
On the left a picture of Prince before his death, on the right the face created by EA Sports.

Back in 2007 Kiyan’s father Mark Prince also founded the “Kiyan Prince Foundation” to prevent youth crimes. The foundation tries to steer adolescents away from gang culture and youth violence.

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Image Credits: EA Sports