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DWG KIA wins LCK Summer Split over T1 – 10th LCK title for kkOma

DWG KIA has won the LCK 2021 Summer Split, after winning the 2021 Spring Split earlier this year.

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This marks the third consecutive Split title after the team won the 2020 Summer Split as DAMWON.

The DWG KIA victory is the tenth LCK title for their head coach Kim “kkOma” Jeong-gyun, who came over at the end of 2020 to strengthen the organization. kkOma won a plethora of titles with T1.

Ending the season as the first seed, DWG KIA earned a bye to the semifinals where they had the opportunity to pick their opponent. They avoided T1 by choosing to play against Nongshim RedForce, disposing of them in an easy 3-0 matter.

T1 won their semifinal against Gen.G. 3-1, making way for the ultimate showdown between T1 and Gen.G.

DWG KIA’s Khan came out firing on all cylinders on Camille, going a perfect 11/0/7 and helping his team pick up a quick 1-0 lead. His teammates Canyon took over the second game on Olaf, going 11/2/5 and putting DWG KIA on championship point.

It wasn’t until game three when T1 decided to rise up and face the challenge of pulling off a reverse sweep. Fueled by Oner’s Viego and Gumayusi’s Jinx, Faker’s team managed to pull one back, avoiding a painful sweep.

Game four promised more of the same back and forth, before DWG KIA finally took over one last time, following an impressive Leblanc performance from Showmaker.

Showmaker played tremendously strong throughout the series and was awarded the 2021 LCK Summer Finals MVP accolades, topping off a very successful domestic year.

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Image Credits: Riot Games (via LCK Global)