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DrDisrespect banned by Twitch – DrDisrespect’s first response

Update: On June 28 DrDisrespect took to Twitter and released a the first official statement since his channel went down.

He states that Twitch has not informed him of the specific reasoning behind the ban, but thanks his community for their support in the current situation.

As of now the reason and duration of the ban are still unknown. There are plenty of rumours spread throughout the internet but their veracity leaves much to be desired.

If there are further developements we will keep you updated.

Original article from June 26:
Popular streamer and internet personality Herschel “DrDisRespect” Beahm has been banned by the streaming platform Twitch.

On June 26 many fans were left wondering what happened to DrDisRespect as his channel became unavailable on Twitch. Neither Twitch nor the streamer himself have said anything regarding the reason of the ban so far.

Image shown when navigating to DrDisRespect's Twitch Channel
Image shown when navigating to DrDisRespect’s Twitch Channel

With the recent wave of DMCA-related bans on Twitch, some speculation arose that DrDisRespect might have been caught up in a DMCA ban as well. However several insiders, among them Rod “Slasher” Breslau, claim that the ban was not DMCA-related. According to Slasher the ban is also permanent.

Twitch refunds subscriptions

Several hours after the ban Twitch has also sent out emails to all subscribers of the channel, issuing refunds. The emotes linked to the “Doc” have also been removed from Twitch.

Slasher goes on to report that DrDisRespects’ Discord partnership has also been removed. He also shared a post made by DrDisRespect’s wife on Instagram:

In accordance to its usual policy Twitch has not shared the reasons for banning DrDisRespect, their only statement so far has been a short message to Video Games Reporter Shannon Liao:

While the reason and length of the ban are still unknown speculation has also arisen that it might be related to the current wave of sexual harrasment, abuse and assault allegations in the wider gaming community.

DrDisRespect had previously been banned from Twitch in 2019. Back then his suspension lasted two weeks for entering a bathroom at E3 with a camera.


As soon as more information becomes available we will update this article as necessary.

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Image Credit: DrDisRespect/Facebook
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