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DrDisrespect breaks the silence – “I will not be returning to Twitch”

DrDisrespect was permanently banned by Twitch more than two weeks ago. Until now the popular streamer only issued a short statement on Twitter, now he has spoken up in two interviews regarding the ban, the rumours about it and his future.

“Imagine just going to work one day and the door is closed and you can’t get inside and you’ve been told that you were fired, and you weren’t given a reason why, you know?”

These are the words Guy Beahm used to describe the moment he found out about his ban in his interviews with the Washington Post and PC Gamer.

In accordance to their company policy Twitch has not made any statements regarding the ban of one of their most popular partners.

In his interview with PC Gamer he also shed some light on his plans for the future: “I can say however, that I will not be returning to Twitch, so, I mean, that’s it.”
He also stated that he was considering taking legal action against Twitch but did not disclose any details.

“Obviously, for legal counsel, I have to be careful here”

When PC Gamer asked him about his decision to stay silent so far, he resonded as follows:

“Uh, well, I mean, I’m trying to take the best and appropriate steps as possible, and there are things behind the scenes in terms from a legal standpoint that, you know, I can’t… that’s where it’s at. And so, I don’t want to go on social media and say the wrong thing or the right thing—or whatever it is—and, like, we made our statement. And that’s, you know, that’s where things are at now.”

Showing this much caution in an interview it seems quite apparent that the ongoing affair is akin to a legal minefield. During one of the questions Beahm’s publicist also intervened and cut off DrDisrespect:

“We’re getting really close to dangerous territory here. So, you know, Doc, we don’t know why Twitch banned him, and there is no formal warnings or reprimand on record. That’s all legal is going to let him say.”

While his interviews with the two media outlet have shed some light on the situation the biggest mystery remains the exact reason for the ban. As the Doc is unwilling to divulge more, we can only speculate. However we now know that DrDisrespect will not return to Twitch, even if the ban is lifted eventually. Where exactly he will launch his return is still undecided.

As soon as more information becomes available we will update the article further.

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