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Dr Disrespect reveals Rogue Company map and outfit

Rogue Company has revealed the new map they’ll be implementing into the game, which was made in collaboration with popular streamer Dr Disrespect. The streamer will also make his debut as a playable character in the third-person shooter.

The map itself is based on the streaming headquarters of Dr Disrespect, which he helped design himself. The streamer asked Rogue Company if he could design a map for the game, after which they challenged him to come up with a map lay-out within 24 hours. Players got a first view at ‘The Arena’ a few days later, with both Dr Disrespect and Rogue Company teasing a full release over the last month.

The Arena has now been fully revealed with a video that was posted to the Twitter page of Dr Disrespect. In the video we get a look at multiple areas of the map, all narrated by Dr Disrespect himself. The map itself features some iconic areas which are easily recognizable from the Doc’s streams, as well as his Lamborghini and multiple busts of his face spread throughout.

At the end it was also revealed that players would be able to play as the Doc themselves with the Dr Disrespect Dallas outfit, which features some popular and iconic voice lines of the character.

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Image Credit: Rogue Company