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Dr. Disrespect extends offer to spearhead Netflix Gaming

Dr. Disrespect, who currently calls YouTube his streaming home, launched an interesting proposition onto the internet.

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The Doc hasn’t had an exclusive streaming deal since he got banned on Twitch. While he’s doing very well on YouTube, and is still rising in popularity on the platform, the “two-time” is looking for a permanent, exclusive home.

What could that new home be? According to Dr. Disrespect, it’s Netflix Gaming.

It isn’t the first time the idea comes up during a livestream. Him spearheading a new streaming category for Netflix has been brought up a couple of times already.

During his July 29th livestream, he made his case, seemingly directed at Netflix.

“I would be open to taking a seat at Netflix”, he said. “I’m willing to sit down at the table. Black suit, black tie. Hair in a ponytail. Prototypes stay on, of course. I could be the head of the Netflix streaming platform. I’d help them put together the most interactive, dominating streaming platform. With the power of Netflix, imagine what you could offer too.”

The Doc has definitely given this a lot of thought, as he has a plethora of ideas ready for Netflix to start implementing.

“Come on guys, imagine it… cameras, built into the movies. Pre-packaged templates for movies, for people who want higher productions for their streams. Netflix could provide that. Let’s think big here! We’re not talking about clips, gifted memberships. I mean, holy sh*t, think bigger!”

Dr. Disrespect now only has to wait for that Netflix phone call to get things started.

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