TSM's Doublelift aims for the championship
June 10, 2020
League of Legends

Doublelift: “We have to win. It’d be embarrassing if we didn’t win.”

Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng’s transfer during the off-season to Team SoloMid (TSM) had been dominating the headlines for North American League of Legends. In a pre-split interview with Korizon Esports Doublelift has stated TSM’s goals for the Summer Split.

TSM is going straight for the throne with their new lineup for Summer Split 2020. With the ADC-superstar back at the helm the title is the only goal to aim for.

Doublelift’s transfer had been making waves in the scene the moment it was announced. However for much of the time it was for the wrong reasons as TSM had to deal with outrage from the community regarding their treatment of Dardoch.

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With those issues behind them Doublelift has taken up the mantle of looking forward and proclaiming a bold goal for TSM: Winning the Summer Split.

“We have to win. It’d be embarrassing if we didn’t win.”

As Korizon’s Ashley Kang followed up on the question asking him how high he thinks TSM’s chances are Doublelift replied: “My expectation is top three in the regular season, and then winning the whole thing in playoffs. I think that’s pretty realistic. If everyone on the team tried their best, 100%.” Doublelift went even further and said: “We have to win. It’d be embarrassing if we didn’t win.”

Considering that the roster has not played any officials yet that was quite the bold proclamation, but for Doublelift the answer for his confidence was simple: “We have Doublelift and Bjergsen. That’s it.”

The last time those two played on TSM in 2017, they together with Vincent “Biofrost” Wang, won the LCS and went on to qualify for Worlds. Although TSM failed to get out of groups at Worlds, it was still the last time TSM reached the biggest stage of LoL.

The LCS Summer Split 2020 will begin on June 12. TSM’s first opponent will be Doublelift’s former team Team Liquid on June 13.

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Image Credit: Team SoloMid
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