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Dota Plus Summer update sees return of High Fives and Guild Banner alongside new seasonal treasure

In the newest Dota Plus patch players see new seasonal treasure as well as updated seasonal quests and guild rewards.

Making its return is the High Five ability as well as the Guild Banner ability being granted to all members of a guild. “to help everyone celebrate the joys of Dota with both friends and foes.” Says Valve. Alongside these updates we’re also getting the Summer 2021 Seasonal Treasure, which is available to be purchased with shards and is exclusive to Dota Plus members.

This treasure features all new sets for Chaos Knight, Phantom Assassin, Outworld Destroyer, Wraith King, Sven, Treant Protector, Huskar, Brewmaster, Storm Spirit, and Naga Siren.

New Quests and Guild Rewards

A new set of Dota Plus quests is also releasing, which are offering up to 115,200 additional shards over the course of the season. Guild rewards have also been changed up, of course depending on Guild tier.


  • Emoticon – mango
  • Emoticon – Earth_Perfect
  • Emoticon – Earth_grin


  • Spray – Ancient Apparition Ice Cream
  • Spray – Sad tree
  • Spray – Skywrath Dunno


  • Chat Wheel – “What just happened?”
  • Chat Wheel – “Нет нет ДА!”
  • Chat Wheel – “你气不气?”

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Image Credit: Valve
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