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Dota Dragon’s Blood Season 2 release date announced

We finally got a date for the upcoming second season of Dota Dragon’s Blood, and it’s coming sooner than you might expect.

A new trailer for Dota Dragon’s Blood Season 2 was released, including the release date for the entire season. People will be able to stream Season 2 starting January 6, 2022. The release date should coincide with the new Battle Pass that should be hitting Dota 2 in the upcoming weeks and should once again have some intertwining events with the popular MOBA.

The animated series was met with positive reviews at release and currently still sits at a 7.9 on IMDb. This led to the series immediately getting a second season, which has now gotten an official release date. The series itself focuses mostly on Dragon Knight Davion and has loads of Dota 2 lore interwoven throughout. The upcoming season seems to focus on Invoker’s revenge against Selemene and Terrorblade’s quest to remake the world.

Dragon’s Blood was one of the first game-related animated series that has hit Netflix in recent years. Earlier on, Castlevania has also been met with great reviews and recently League of Legends’ Arcane has become one of the most-watched animated series on Netflix as a whole. Other platforms aside from Netflix are also seemingly picking up the pace, as there should be a Halo live-action series on the way, as well as a possible Gears of War adaptation.

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