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Dota 2 tournament ‘NA Summer Shuffle’ turns out to be fraudulent

For a while it seemed like a new Tier 2 Dota 2 tournament would be hitting the scene, after a Twitter account for the NA Summer Shuffle appeared. It quickly became clear that the tournament falsified match results and sponsors.

One of the teams that was set to participate was Infinity Esports, who would be matched up with Doze Reborn. According to the NA Summer Shuffle Infinity Esports won the match, but in actuality it was never played. Both Infinity Esports and Doze Reborn were quick to call out the falsified match results and Doze asked the tournament to confirm their sponsors, which they were unable to do.

The matches did however appear on multiple betting sites, including GG.Bet and Luckbox. After some research done by Liquipedia contributor Louis it turned out the tournament was not legitimate with the organizers lying about sponsorships by companies such as TOWA Digital, even forging documents with fake signatures to back up their fraudulent claims. TOWA Digital themselves were contacted and said they were in no way involved with the tournament.

After the news got out that the tournament was not legitimate, all teams that were set to compete decided not to play and information regarding the tournament was removed from Liquipedia. The NA Summer Shuffle Twitter account can currently still be found online but has been inactive as of June 28.

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