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June 23, 2020

Dota 2 – Three matchfixers banned by BeyondTheSummit

During the American Division of BeyondTheSummit’s Pro Series #2 the North American Team PlusOne has been caught matchfixing and disqualified from the tournament.

The mixed team with players from the USA, Canada, Mexico and Argentina was formally disqualifed after the organisers confirmed several cases of matchfixing.

David “GoDz” Parker, founder of BeyondTheSummit, wrote on Reddit that they found evidence of matchfixing during the series against Evil Geniuses, Quincy Crew and Plasma.

Viewers who had watched PlusOne’s series against Plasma will probably be less surprised by these news as game two of the match was filled with suspect moments. Including but not limited to disconnecting as PlusOne actually finished the game in a 3vs5 situation.

BeyondTheSummit then also clarified that “dnm” and Nicolás “Wij” Moreno were not banned. Considering how they both were key to actually winning aforementioned game against Plasma, it seems that they were not part of the matchfixing.

With the recent increase in online competition there seems to have also been an increase in matchfixing. Just a month earlier former TI-winning organisation Newbee had been convicted of matchfixing, shocking the Dota 2 scene.

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As a result of PlusOne’s matchfixing they have been disqualified and all their results voided. Additionally BeyondTheSummit has banned the three players from future competitions and forwarded the evidence to Valve.

Former PlusOne lineup:

  • dnm
  • Ched
  • Juan
  • Nicolás “Wij” Moreno
  • Yixaun “xuan” Guo

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Image Credit: BeyondTheSummit
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