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Dota 2 – The free TI10 Compendium is here

As TI10 is rapidly approaching Valve has now released their compendium for The International 10 in Bucharest. Players and fans will get it for free this year as there was no TI-Battlepass.

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It is almost time for the world’s best Dota 2 teams to clash over the Aegis of Champions again. Just like the years before Valve has also released a compendium for the biggest Dota 2 tournament of the season.

But this year the compendium will be for free and not bundled with the usual TI-Battle Pass for the fans and players of Dota 2.

Player Cards and Predictions

As usual the main features of the compendium are the player cards for your fantasy teams and the predictions during the tournament. Players can now collect their favourite players to put them on their fantasy rosters to compete with their friends. Players start with 10 free card packs and can earn one pack per day by winning a game of Dota 2. You can also buy team packs, where 50% of the proceedings will support the team.

The in-game predictions will also make a return so that you can finally settle who among you can pull off the better Oracle cosplay.

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Image Credits: Valve