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Dota 2 team Sadboys rebrands to Penta Ace, sign both Zfreek and Ryoya

A new era starts for Sadboys who, after the departure of two of their players, are going for a full rebrand alongside bringing in two new players.

The catalyst of the changes seems to be the departure of one of their most well known players in Peter “ppd” Dager who is still contemplating his future. Ppd was not the only player to leave the roster as David “dnm” Cossio announced he’d be leaving as well and is now looking for a new team to join.

To fill in the gaps, Penta Ace recruited both Eric “Ryoya” Dong and Zakari “Zfreek” Freedman, two recognizable and veteran players in North America. Ryoya played for his fair share of teams in the past, among them Black N Yellow, Immortals and Flying Penguins. Zfreek on the other hand spent a lot of his career over at Complexity Gaming and played for simply TOOBASED before joining Sadboys.

Sadboys had a mediocre showing in the DPC NA, ending the first season in fifth place with a 2-5 record, but they kept their spot after winning in the tiebreakers following a three-way tie between them, A-Team and Black & Yellow. We’ll get to see them in action, this time around as Penta Ace, in season 2 of the DPC NA after the ONE Esports Singapore Major ends.

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Image credit: Complexity Gaming