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Dota 2 Singapore Major – South America’s Thunder Predator dominate Day 1

Is this the rise of South America? The first day of Groups has concluded in Singapore and Thunder Predator stand undefeated on top.

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It has been a wild Major so far in Singapore. With the first day of groups in the books we are looking at an unlikely contender on top.

South America rising

Fans worldwide were looking forward to the start of the groups of Dota 2’s first Major in 2021, 15 Best-of-2s later we are looking at a whole new world. South America, ridiculed and treated as a joke for the longest time by the community crushed all opposition in the form of Thunder Predator.

The Peruvians go into Day 2 with a clean sheet of 8-0, dispatching of Europe, China and North America’s best along the way. Be it Alliance, Liquid, Aster or Quincy Crew, none of them could take down Thunder Predator throughout the first day. While it is too early to celebrate as there are still plenty of groupstage matches to go, Thunder Predator have proven themselves more than a match for the other regions and a proud and able stand-in representative for the absent beastcoast.

Can they continue their dominance in Day 2 and the playoffs?

Europe struggling

For one of the premier regions of Dota 2, Singapore has been a very humbling experience so far. Nigma was eliminated early and looked abysmal during the Wild Cards and now Alliance and Liquid are also showing signs of weakness in the groups. Team Liquid managed to rebound towards the end of the day and won their series against Vici Gaming, but Alliance is still on the hunt for the first series victory. Both teams need to step up in order to reach the upper bracket.

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Image Credits: Thunder Predator