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Dota 2 Transfer Ticker – OG rebuilds with Taiga and Misha, EG signs Nightfall and JerAx

As The International 10 has reached a conclusion, the roster shuffles and transfer news in the Dota 2 world have begun. Who’ll end up where?

Transfer Ticker

(21/11/21) – OG announces new roster:

  • Yuragi
  • bzm
  • ATF
  • Taiga
  • Misha

(20/11/21) – iG replaces kaka with Fade
(20/11/21) – EG signs Nightfall and JerAx
(20/11/21) – N0tail retires
(20/11/21) – RNG releases Op, moves Super to Coach and signs Somnus, Chalice and xNova
(20/11/21) – Fnatic signs Armel and Jaunuel

(19/11/21) – Team Liquid releases Taiga
(19/11/21) – Topson retires
(19/11/21) – Vici Gaming signs xm, Victoria and Irving
(19/11/21) – Ori transfers from Vici Gaming to Team Aster

(18/11/21) – Alliance signs Supream^, Leslao, Arams and okyca
(18/11/21) – OG’s Ceb retires from professional play.
(18/11/21) – Team Secret signs SumaiL & iceiceice
(18/11/21) – old eLeVeN departs from Vici Gaming

(17/11/21) – qojqva moves to a streaming position within Team Liquid
(17/11/21) – iceiceice is released from Evil Geniuses
(17/11/21) – Virtus.Pro benches Nightfall and Save, signs Pure as new Position 1
(17/11/21) – Chalice and Sylar are released from EHOME
(17/11/21) – MATUMBAMAN signs with Team Liquid
(17/11/21) – TnC announces new roster:

  • YoungGod
  • Yowe
  • X1aOyU
  • PlayHard
  • Febby

(17/11/21) – Dy departs from Vici Gaming and moves to Xtreme Gaming
(17/11/21) – Pyw (Tank) departs from Vici Gaming and moves to Xtreme Gaming

(16/11/21) – Eurus (Paparazzi) is signed by Xtreme Gaming
(16/11/21) – Fly exits EG and becomes part of Talon entering Dota 2 in SEA.
Talon’s lineup:

  • Gabbi
  • Mikoto
  • kpii
  • Hyde
  • Fly

(15/11/21) – J is signed by Xtreme Gaming
(15/11/21) – Srf transfers from Spark Arrow Gaming to Xtreme Gaming
(15/11/21) – Matumbaman released from Team Secret

(12/11/21) – Sockshka leaves OG

(11/11/21) – Team Elephant disbands. Super moves to RNG, the remaining players become free agents.

(08/11/21) – Saksa released by OG
(08/11/21) – SumaiL released by OG

(07/11/21) – Empire announces new roster helmed by Ghostik

(04/11/21) – Quincy Crew announces new roster:

  • KheZu rejoins as captaining Offlaner
  • MiLAN replaces MSS as position 4
  • ponlo replaces SVG as position 5

(03/11/21) – Zai exits Team Secret and joins Team Liquid
(03/11/21) – TI10 Champions Team Spirit announce no changes to their roster

(02/11/21) – ChuaN becomes Coach for OB.Neon

(30/10/21) – T1 re-signs their complete roster

(28/10/21) – Mushi transfers as Coach from TnC to BOOM Esports
(28/10/21) – Sammyboy leaves TEAM TEAM

(27/10/21) – Era quits Chicken Fighters

(24/10/21) – s4 leaves Alliance

(21/10/21) – Fng & Limmp depart from Alliance
(21/10/21) – Deth & ChYuan leave Fnatic
(21/10/21) – Brame replace Focus with Nefrit

(20/10/21) – SG Esports releases their roster
(20/10/21) – Thunder Predator signs ex-NoPing Esports

(19/10/21) – KheZu departs from Quincy Crew
(19/10/21) – Febby departs from Undying

(18/10/21) – NoPing Esports releases the entire roster
(18/10/21) – PSG.LGD to stick together for another year

(17/10/21) – Lelis (Quincy Crew) leaves

(16/10/21) – Frank (Thunder Predator) leaves, joins ex-Thunder Predator
(16/10/21) – Leostyle- (Thunder Predator) leaves, joins ex-Thunder Predator
(16/10/21) – Mnz (Thunder Predator) leaves, joins ex-Thunder Predator
(16/10/21) – Mjz (Thunder Predator) leaves, joins ex-Thunder Predator
(16/10/21) – MoOz (Thunder Predator) leaves, joins ex-Thunder Predator

SumaiL & iceiceice join Team Secret

Team Secret has found two of the biggest free agents to fill the void left by zai and Matumbaman’s departures earlier. SumaiL & iceiceice join up with Puppey & Co. at Team Secret.

The absolutely star-studded roster is already looking like a top contender for the next season.

MATUMBAMAN signs with Team Liquid

Team Liquid continues to sign big names to their roster. On Twitter they announced the acquisition of MATUMBAMAN after the Finnish was released by Team Secret on November 15.

This transfer puts the Liquid lineup at 7 people as they have not announced any departures yet. On the official Dota Pro Circuit website we only m1CKe and zai have been locked in to the roster. The status of the other players (with the exception of MATUMBAMAN) seems quite unclear.

It remains to be seen who will represent Liquid when the season starts.

TnC announce new lineup headed by Febby

After their failed qualifier run towards TI10 perennial South East Asian Powerhouse TnC had released their entire roster. Now they have announced the new lineup for the next season. This time they recruited 4 up and coming players and paired them with Korean veteran Febby.

This marks a departure from their prior lineups that had all featured multiple Dota 2 starplayers from South East Asia. The young blood from TnC will have to prove themselves in what is quickly becoming a massively stacked region in Dota 2.

Fly departs from EG, Talon Esports enters Dota 2

The South East Asian region in Dota 2 has gotten a new challenger for the next season. Hong Kong-based Talon Esports will be competing in 2021/2022’s Dota Pro Circuit with a couple of familiar names. Multiple Major champion Fly has left EG to captain this roster headlined by him, Filipino star Gabbi and Australian veteran kpii. They will be joined by former BOOM Esports players Mikoto and Hyde from Indonesia.

Fly’s departure from North American powerhouse Evil Geniuses leaves a significant gap in EG’s roster for the next season. Besides the exit of their captain EG has not announced any changes to their lineup yet, a thing that is most likely going to change soon.

Matumbaman released from Team Secret

The second change coming to Team Secret is located on the safelane. Finnish Carry Lasse “MATUMBAMAN” Urpalainen has been released from Team Secret and will be entering free agency.

This opens another spot on the roster after zai has announced his transfer to Team Liquid earlier. We still do not know which players will join up with Puppey & Co. to complete the roster, but rumours have been linking Secret with iceiceice and SumaiL. You can find the official statements with comments by Puppey and MATUMBAMAN on Team Secret’s website.

Roster Lock for the new season will go into effect by November 21st, so we can expect the top tier teams to start announcements soon.


Sockshka departs from OG

OG continues their rebuild and have announced the departure of their assistant coach Titouan “Sockshka” Merloz. It is not yet known where he is headed to next nor do we know how the new OG will look like for the upcoming DPC season.

Team Elephant disbands

After starting the season as an all-star team of the Chinese scene, Team Elephant has now disbanded entirely. Not entirely surprising considering their disappointing performance throughout the year as well as a an exit in the first round of the Lower Bracket of TI10.

Most players (including coach rOtK) are now free agents and could be tempting targets for other Chinese teams. Former Elephant position 5 player super has returned to RNG after his loan expired.

OG parts ways with Saksa and SumaiL

OG’s Dota 2 team is in for quite the shake-up as they’ve let go of both Saksa and SumaiL. Both players were part of the rebuilding process the team went through after The International 9, when most of the team departed. OG still have n0tail, Ceb and Topson left, with the latter also possibly retiring or leaving the team. More changes are likely on the way.

Quincy Crew reforms

After several weeks Quincy Crew have finished their reshuffle and announced their roster for the upcoming Dota Pro Circuit season.

Their new roster features the return of KheZu (this time as Offlaner instead of Coach) as well as ponlo and MiLAN as new additions. They replace Lelis, who left earlier, and their former support duo of MSS and SVG. It is not yet known where the former QC members are headed.

zai leaves Secret and joins Team Liquid

In a somewhat surprising announcement offlaner zai and Team Secret have parted ways. Three years after he joined up with Puppey for the second time in his career the Swedish star is departing Secret for “a new direction” at Team Liquid.


While the home of the Swede is now known, we still don’t know the roster of Team Liquid. If there are no position swaps, current offlaner Samuel “Boxi” Svahn would be on the chopping block.

Team Liquid has not yet announced the status of their roster besides welcoming zai to the Team.

No changes to TI10 Champions Team Spirit

Unsurprisingly the young TI10 champions from Team Spirit have announced no changes to their roster. In an interview with Russian outlet SRSLY captain Miposhka said that the squad will stick together. The CIS team will be aiming for another TI in the upcoming Dota Pro Circuit season.

Virtus.Pro possibly shuffling (November 1st)

While Team Spirit’s inspired underdog run at TI10 overshadowed Virtus.Pro as the CIS darling in Bucharest, VP also had a rather successful season ending with Top 6 at TI. Nevertheless the young roster is also contemplating changes and will bey trialing several players.

They are looking at position 1 and 4 players, which would mean that Egor “Nightfall” Grigorenko and Vitalie “Save-” Melnic are on the way out. There is however the possibility that the roster sticks together.


T1 re-signs the entire roster

Although T1 had higher hopes than their Top 8 finish at TI10, the young roster will stick together for another season under the same banner. The most successful SEA team of recent times will be competing to keep their hold over their region.


Fng, Limmp & s4 depart from Alliance

After a disappointing Top 12 finish at The International, Alliance has also announced the first step in their rebuild. Midlaner Limmp and Hard Support Fng were let go. A couple days later the organisation also announced that TI-veteran s4 would also exit.

The team will most likely rebuild around star carry Nikobaby.

Deth & ChYuan out of Fnatic

The South East Asian region has also began their shuffle as Fnatic have announced the departures of Offlaner Deth and Midlaner ChYuan. As of now we do not know where they are headed to. They were both TI first timers this year and will likely be sought after in their region.

The South American Shuffle

While the South American region was able to send a record three teams to The International this year, the teams struggled to make a deep run into the tournament. Subsequently the teams have started a big shuffle around that saw Thunder Predator replace their squad with the former team of NoPing Esports. SG Esports is also on track for a full rebuild as they have released their entire roster. Beastcoast have not announced any changes so far and Whisper has also stated that his team would not shuffle on his stream.


PSG.LGD to stay together for another year

The TI10 Runner-ups have composed themselves after their heartbreaking 2-3 loss to Team Spirit in the Grand Finals. In a detailled blog post (On Weibo) their manager officially announced the decision of the team to stick together and try once more for the next season.


Quincy Crew changes

Quincy Crew is one of the longest standing rosters in North America but there’ll be changes going into the next season. This was announced by manager Jack Chen, who shared his thoughts on Twitter. “It’s hard typing these words, but there will be significant changes to Quincy Crew. Most of us have been together for a while and it’s time for people to explore other opportunities.”

The first one to go was Rodrigo “Lelis” Santos, who announced he’ll be leaving the organization earlier today. In a statement he talks about the performance of Quincy Crew being shaky before picking up again and says he’s looking for new options going forward. His departure may kickstart the rebuilding process for Quincy Crew.

OG shuffling roster?

After some strong showings OG was defeated by Team Spirit in the lower bracket of The International 10. After their match Sébastien “Ceb” Debs hinted at TI10 being his last tournament, having spoken about retirement in the past. The same goes for Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen, who considered retiring after TI10 a while back. There’s a good chance the OG roster might come to look a little different in the future.


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