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Dota 2 – Patch 7.29c nerfs Beastmaster and more

Valve has released a minor balance update for Dota 2 combating some of the more overpowered heroes in the current patch.

Patch 7.29c has dropped and tackles several heroes and items to bring them in line with the rest.

Several mainstays in the competitive meta among them Beastmaster, Centaur, Grimstroke and Puck got some nerfs that will hopefully stop them from dominating the meta any further.

Especially the increased damage from Beastmaster’s Aghanim’s Scepter for Wild Axes is finally a thing of the past.

But even beyond the balance of the Dota Pro Circuit, Valve is handing out nerfs to some of the stronger picks right now. New hero Dawnbreaker gets slapped with a hefty agility nerf on top of manacost increases on her Celestial Hammer. This should make her a lot less durable.

Icefrog did also hand out a couple of buffs among the hero adjustments as Monkey King’s Boundless strike got improved along with Queen of Pain’s Scream of Pain and Keeper of the Light’s Spirit Form. Other heroes also saw minor stat adjustments to movement speed and more.

Further changes

Another nerf hits the Water Runes for the Mid Laners. The restoration effect will now only give 80 HP and 80 Mana instead of 100 HP and 80 Mana.

The nerf hammer did not spare the items for the new patch. Solar Crest, Ring of Basilius, Sange and Yasha, and Kaya and Sange all got some minor nerfs. A bigger change came to Sentry Wards. The stock replenish time got reduced by 10 seconds to 75 seconds giving easier and more frequent accessto True Sight outside of a Gem of True Sight.

For the complete and more detailled changes you can check out the full patch notes on the Dota 2 Blog: Gameplay Update 7.29c Patch Notes

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