January 11, 2021

DOTA 2 patch 7.28b – Hero buffs and nerfs, Aghanim Shards balancing

Valve has been working hard on Dota 2 as the qualifiers for the Dota Pro Circuit are globally coming to an end. With patch 7.28b, we’ll see quite a few changes to some of the most prevalent heroes and items. We have some  of the strongest heroes taking a big hit as the meta might potentially shift around.

Multiple heroes that were deemed a little too strong in regular play were hit with some nerfs. Among those heroes are Monkey King, Batrider, Lycan, Nyx Assassin, Wraith King and Lycan. Aside from the nerfs, some heroes received buffs to balance out their Aghanim’s Shard, the most notable of them being Outworld Destroyer. Due to the hero being a little bit too weak after his most recent rework, a lot of his stats and skills have received quite a sizable buff.

The introduction of Aghanim Shards also required quite a few balancing updates. Most of the changes were pretty minor buffs and nerfs such as Alchemist’s Berserk Potion shard seeing its cooldown reduced from 45 to 35 or Bloodseeker having his Bloodrage shard increased from 1,5% to 2%.

You can find the full patch notes here if you want to see all the in-depth changes.

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Image Credit: Valve / Dota 2
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