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Dota 2 Fantasy to become stand-alone feature for regional leagues

Valve has announced some changes to Dota Fantasy lineups, with it becoming a permanent feature.

The Dota Fantasy feature will work much like the one during The International, with some tweaks. “Fantasy play during the DPC works similar to each year during The International, with the main difference being fans now compete within specific regions, and scoring is calculated by period (generally a week) rather than daily.”

Each DPC Region will be its own Fantasy League which features its own player cards and unique lineups. It’s allowed to participate in multiple regional leagues, however. Players will be granted 10 starter packs with more packs able to be earned through winning Dota 2 matches each day.

When it comes to scoring, Valve put in some tweaks to the format. “All Division I matches during the Winter 2022 Tour are eligible for Fantasy play. The highest scoring two games of a best-of-three count towards a player’s score. If a team plays more than one series during a period, only their highest-scoring series will count. “


Players who participate will be able to get rewards:

  • The top 10% scoring Fantasy Teams for the period receive 3 Fantasy Levels.
  • The top 25% scoring Fantasy Teams for the period receive 2 Fantasy Levels.
  • The top 50% scoring Fantasy Teams for the period receive 1 Fantasy Levels.

“Every third fantasy level, players will receive one DPC Winter 2022 Tour treasure (to be granted later). At every other level, players receive 500 shards.”

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Image credit: Valve
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