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DOTA 2: changes to Dota Plus, Guilds and more

Valve has changed up quite a few things with the Fall Season update, updating Dota Plus and guilds while also revealing some more information about upcoming heroes and their plans for 2020 going forward.

Dota Plus

Dota Plus members will be able to buy a new treasure with shards. The next treasure will be available on December 1, with a new treasure releasing every three months. Dota Plus also received a few updates. Members will be able to earn upwards of 50.000 shards with a new season of quests and can use the Role Assistant hero grid arrangement, which records the picks of every hero in Ranked Roles matchmaking and displays heroes in their most picked roles.

That’s not all for the Dota Plus updates as they also moved features from the Battle Pass into Dota Plus. That means stuff like the Chat Wheel sound effects can be redeemed with shards and that the post-game healing and gold breakdowns have now merged with the existing Dota Plus damage tab. Shards will also be available for all players instead of just being a Dota Plus exclusive currency.


Guild will be changed to no longer have a Guild Level, being replaced with a weekly leaderboard of Guild Points in a region. Players can then earn shards and certain perks based on their rank, with Dota Plus members earning double. Guild points will decay by a percentage at the end of the week to encourage active players and guilds. While everyone will be able to join a guild, only Dota Plus members can create one.


Valve will be attempting a different approach when it comes to MMR resets this time around, making it optional and spreading it out to make it less volatile. By doing this they hope to negate the downsides of MMR resets to let players play in a more stable environment. The MMR reset option will be found under settings and the account tab. There you’ll find the “MMR Recalibration” section.

Upcoming plans and heroes

As a reaction to the community asking Valve to communicate more, they’ve talked about their upcoming plans regarding the game and possible new heroes. Valve will be looking towards the end of November to release a new hero, with more to come spread throughout next year with the new one at the end of the first quarter. They are aiming to get more content out throughout the years instead of centering everything around the International.

To tackle toxicity Valve has been working on new smurf detection systems which will be more likely to play with other smurfs while also inheriting negative behaviour scores of their other accounts. Booster accounts are also being targeted, while also working on a new system to decrease toxic behaviour and chatting from players.

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