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Dota 101: Setting up and securing Roshan

They are big, strong, love cheese and live in a pit. You might be thinking it was you I was talking about, but no. I am talking about my good friend Roshan.

For today we won’t be looking at what you can do for Roshan, but what Roshan can do for you.

The Cave Dweller

Looking in the mirror can be difficult, but us dota players are forced to do this very often. As Roshan’s solitary, cave dwelling existence might be a very familiar lifestyle for many dota players. However, playing Dota 2 does not only give you the ability to look into this mirror of self reflection, but also grants you the ability to fight the greevil within. A fight that will not only have mental health benefits, but also a grand host of other rewards.

Slay the cave monster once, and you will be rewarded with gold, experience and an Aegis of the Immortal. An item that for seven minutes allows you to respawn for free on the same spot that you just died, one could say it is a “Get out of jail free” card in a way.

On your second massacre however you will also be rewarded with both a small shard of the mighty aghanim’s sceptre, and a piece of delicious cheese. While the shard might amplify some of your magical abilities, the cheese will grant you a quick burst of mana and hp of such abundance that it can bring most heroes back to their max

Oh baby, a triple death streak onto roshan will provide even greater riches. Instead of a simple aghanim’s shard a full aghanim’s sceptre blessing will be bestowed upon the killers. Atleast, that is if you are lucky, because half of the time Roshan’s third life will have him carry another item. The refresher shard works like a refresher orb, only being a consumable with a single charge. While this uncertainty might seem hard to deal with, there is an easy remedy. Simply kill the guy a fourth time, for starting from that point, he will drop both.

Killer Competition

Knowing about all the benefits one could receive from committing murder, you might be able to imagine there are more people who would like to get a piece of this cheese. Therefore it is important that whenever you are going to attempt to kill roshan, you need to also figure out a way to keep your opponents away from the crime scene. As Roshan’s home has the intriguing property to block any vision from the outside to the inside and vice versa, making it a risky place to set up shop.

The easiest way to make sure nobody is going to show up to your private lawn party is simply by killing those who seek to disturb you. This means that if you have just won a teamfight, remotely close to the Roshan pit this the perfect opportunity to expand your murder spree towards the cave dwelling greevil. Naturally you can bend destiny in your favour by smoking towards your opponents and forcing that teamfight that will allow you to take Roshan’s prizes for free.

The fastest murder in the west

There is one more thing one needs to keep in mind in the event of an attempted Roshan homicide. As the speed of the butchering is often a critical component in its success. And there is one simple mechanic one can abuse for a quick hit. Minus armor is the answer whenever you need to take out an opponent with a lot of hp, including our cheese churning comrade. Therefore having items like Solar Crest, Desolator and Assault Cuirass are essential in the quest for bloodshed.

Furthermore you probably also want to have a hero that can abuse this minus armor by having a lot of constant physical damage output. Im looking at you, agility carries. But if you do possess this speed, you might be able to commit a drive-by murder on roshan before your opponents are even aware of what you are doing.

Keeping tabs

Maybe you are a pacifist who doesn’t believe in murder, and you want to protect Roshan instead of assassinating him. To do this you need a whole different part of the toolbox, you need vision. Because Roshan decorated his home with blinded windows, there are not a whole lot of ways to see what’s going on in the pit.

Therefore any ability that does like illusions, Templar Assassins traps, Clockwerk’s rockets and Elder Titan’s spirit can make it very hard to slay the beast within. So even if you are a bear, bearing down on roshan with your bare hands. Beware of your opponents vision as it could result in you getting barely anything making the rest of your game unbearable.

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