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DisguisedToast says he “staged” his Twitch DMCA ban to scare other streamers

Popular Twitch streamer Jeremy “DisguisedToast” Wang says he staged his recent ban to scare off Twitch streamers who watch anime and other copyrighted content on Twitch.

According to DisguisedToast, he staged the entire DMCA ban. He started watching the anime Death Note on his stream, while telling his OfflineTV colleague LilyPichu to submit a DMCA claim against his channel for watching anime. He went on to show all the messages between him and her while streaming.

When it comes to the reason behind the whole charade, Toast says he did it to show people how broken the current DMCA situation on Twitch actually is, and how it could get some people into real trouble. “Something about the current DMCA system is broken. I shouldn’t have gotten away with watching an entire series.” He also goes on to say that he also did it because he was ‘bored’.

Twitch and DMCA have been the talk of the town for quite a while now, as many streamers have been streaming and watching copyrighted material, which has already led to some people receiving bans. Earlier today Pokimane also spoke out about the issue, suggesting that Twitch works together with the streamers and needs to set up ‘collaborations’ with TV shows and production companies to make the ‘react meta’ a permanent fixture.

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Image Credit: Disguised Toast
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