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Digi Dignitas esports logo Rebrand revamp

Dignitas shows rebrand – brings back ‘Digi’

Numerous organisations and leagues such as Rogue and, most recently the LCK and LCS, have shown off their rebrand in the past weeks. Now Dignitas decided to launch a rebrand of their logo, bringing back an old crowd-favorite but with a modern twist.

Dignitas decided to bring back a revamped version of the logo they used when they founded the organization all the way back in 2003, a clear nod to their long history within the esports atmosphere. By bringing back the logo Dignitas hopes to further engage the fans and wants to remind them of all the changes the esports scene has gone through since it first showed up. With this revamp they change up their style and logo once again after changing it back in 2018.

The organization talked a little more about the rebrand on their website, where they released a statement. “The return of Digi is a thrilling moment for the entire Dignitas organization and one we’re confident will excite our current fan base while reengaging idle fans that have long awaited the return of a legendary icon. The reimagined Digi is an original emotive mascot to the world of gaming and esports that will stimulate storytelling and emotional narratives, while becoming an asset unique solely to Dignitas.”

Dignitas as an esports organization is active in a long list of competitive scenes, most notably League of Legends, Rocket League and CS:GO.

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Image Credit: Dignitas