September 12, 2020

Daps plans to leave Gen.G

Canadian professional CS:GO player Damien “daps” Steele is set to leave Gen.G when the team is able to replace him. Daps said he’ll remain with the team and will continue competing with Gen.G in ESL Pro League S12 as they look for a new fifth member to their roster.

Daps shared a statement about his situation, talking about the reasons this chapter of his career has come to an end. “There had been some in and out of game changes I wanted over the past 6 months that I thought would have made the team better but were not agreed upon by all. The combination of all these things mixed with no lans/covid, burnout of playing the same teams 24/7 with little to no time for breaks between events and not being able to be in person for bootcamps led to me not being the best leader I could be for this team and put me in a rough mental state.”

When it comes to his future, daps shared his plans to find a roster where he could be the IGL but also talks about possibly leaving CS:GO. “I still love CS and would ideally like to IGL a team I feel is the right fit for me but if moving on as a player or leaving CS is the route I have to take then I will cross that bridge when I know more.”

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Image Credit: Gen.G
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